Recruitment Mlody on NA - diamond Zerg player

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Recruitment Mlody on NA - diamond Zerg player

Message  mlody le Sam 7 Juil - 4:08

Hi there,

Lets start I was told to write a short story about myself and my likes/dislikes. I'm not sure If everything will be in 100% correct english but I'll try. Please excuse my grammar and enjoy the story.

I'm originally from Poland born and raised there since 1986 to 2006 then i moved to USA (Chicago, Illinois). If you do the math it comes to that I'm 25 (26 in august). I love video games by heart and I play as much as my real life allows me. Some times its 12 hours a day some times 3 hours a week, it all depends from my work schedule and my family (wife and a boy -16 months old).

I started my gaming experience on Comodore 64 then windows (solitaire lol) and then games like dune and C&C and KKND. i started to play starcraft just in june 2011 but with great success where I was playing in diamond 1v1 (then i wanted to grind portraits and i lost xxxxx games to get to bottom of bronze Razz)

Right now I'm playing mostly random team games. I never had team or partners to teach me/practice 1v1. I learned the game mostly myself on team games. I do love to do achievements too, one of my best are gold LOst Viking one Smile

Like I mentioned before I have weird job schedule so i'm on and off in random times. I do work as a computer consultant in private company and also as a CNA in a nursing home, and recently i got part time job as a waiter in a restaurant. Now you see why my schedule is so F'ed up.

Oter things I do is going to park/pool with my son whenever i can, and also i play and referre soccer games on sunday mornings. Also I play Diablo 3 and used to play warcratf 3 (tFT) but not anymore.

Overal if you pick me you get a moderate zerg player that has to just practice, if i practice more i'll would be masters no problem.

thanks for reading

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Re: Recruitment Mlody on NA - diamond Zerg player

Message  DonDragou le Sam 7 Juil - 4:10

Hey Welcome =D
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Re: Recruitment Mlody on NA - diamond Zerg player

Message  elfique le Sam 7 Juil - 10:02

Welcome !

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Re: Recruitment Mlody on NA - diamond Zerg player

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